Leading with Culture in Mind

Today’s complex and diverse work environments demand cultural-competent leaders and agile workplaces.
We develop leaders and organizations to be more productive, effective and profitable in the global business world.


Laying the Foundation for Success

A leading organization and a modern manager is able to leverage CULTURE to their advantage. They understand that the organizational culture determines employee engagement and retention and that diverse teams, if managed well, bring innovation and agility to the ever-changing business world.





Our mission is to bring people together for better business outcomes and a better world. We are committed to inspire, create and develop individuals, organizations and communities that recognize the value of our diverse human experiences. We believe that our humanity unites us and our differences enrich us. We are better together.


  • It is a pleasure to recommend Anke Jahn to any firm or individual seeking a bright and talented Executive Coach and Leadership Development professional. Anke brings a unique and impressive combination of credentials including formal psychological education, Board Certified Coach and relevant business experience. Anke’s personal attributes are even more impressive than her professional credentials. Her commitment to her client’s success, professionalism, integrity, empathy and warmth set the stage for every interaction. Anke is the real-deal. ~ Jeanne Hudson, 
Retired HR Executive
    Jeanne Hudson
  • I needed an updated career strategy, and Anke was able to identify areas that I needed to address and to converse knowledgeably with me about options. She gave me invaluable advice, and I always will be grateful to her for the positive results that I experienced. She has a quick grasp of her clients' challenges, and she is extremely professional in her approach to the job. ~ John Parkerson International Attorney and Honorary Consul General and Foreign Economic Counselor of Hungary
    John Parkerson
  • We have found her training to be extremely productive, clear, enjoyable and efficient. We felt much more comfortable with a particular prospect after the training from Anke and we have ‘won’ a new client. The first week’s profit from that one client more than paid for the training and time. ~ Lance Hunter CEO - Hodges Warehouse and Logistics
    Lance Hunter
  • Anke Jahn is a very competent and professional consultant. Thanks to her well-rounded coaching that, due to her knowledge, catered exactly to my needs and beyond my expectations. I have highly profited from the consulting. The consulting was a vital point in my successful integration. Lisa Rauch, Family Support, BMW
    Lisa Rauch
  • We started working with Anke Jahn for one-on-one coaching for two of our associates and it became very clear that the Mind Your Culture programs work. The associates benefited from the coaching in multiple ways. They both gained more confident in their positions and their overall productivity increased.They both felt that they were better able to take charge and ultimately became stronger leaders. Rick Mercer Vice President - Construction at Hines
    Rick Mercer
    Urban Oaks Builders
  • Anke Jahn's outstanding work as my executive coach has helped me to achieve a greater level of success in my career. I've become a more confident leader for my organization, as well as a better communicator with those I work with. Mark Long, CFO - Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc.
    Mark Long
    Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc.
  • Anke Jahn did an exceptional job on the recent project with our company facilitating the process to have one of our international managers that moved from Germany to the US to successfully adapt to the new reality in the US. Careful, independent, broad-minded and customer-service oriented with a very strong dedication to work - that's her! With her life experience in Europe and in the US she will bring great value on cross-cultural transition, training and development for any international organization. When you get to connect with her, you'll discover an amazing person with unique skills! Irineu Bragante Filho COO - Mugele of America Inc.
    Irineu Bragante Filho
    Mugele of America Inc.
  • By far the best professional development program I have ever had. Resulting from our work together, I am a better leader for me and my team, our company and my family. Matthias Hofmann Manager - Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG
    Matthias Hofmann
    Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG
  • Once I understood and respected my team members’ cultural background, I was able to communicate in a better and more successful way than I was before. As I continued approaching each individual with respect to their cultural background, I eventually performed more effectively and productively. Anke, has been a great coach during that time. I could not have done it without her expertise and advice. M. Edelmann Senior Superintendent, Hines Real Estate
    M. Edelmann
    Hines Real Estate