64 diverse people from different cultures. Headshots in grid.
52 diverse people from different cultures. Headshots in grid.
64 diverse people from different cultures. Headshots in grid.

Culture is your company’s
greatest asset.

Or liability.

We work with culture to bring your people together and move your business forward.

Want to bridge communication gaps with international partners? Clarify your company’s culture? Or increase productivity in multicultural teams? Mind Your Culture specializes in transformational programs that leverage the power of diversity and shared purpose to turn cultural challenges into your company’s greatest asset.


Did you know:

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of workers who voluntarily leave their jobs do so because of their bosses and not the position, the role itself or the company.
— Gallup

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of international ventures fail due to cultural differences.

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of employees say company culture is more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction.
— Glassdoor


Mind Your Culture works with leaders and organizations to leverage the power of culture in three distinct ways:

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Leadership Culture Programs

Customized individual and group coaching programs for maximizing effectiveness in top performers and cultivating potential in rising stars.

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Intercultural Services

Programs for diverse U.S. and international organizations looking to bridge cultural gaps to boost collaboration, innovation and productivity.

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Corporate Culture Programs

Transformational programs that unite and empower your people under a common mission and corporate culture.

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Talk to us when:

  • Employee turnover is high, and engagement is low
  • Communications are breaking down
  • Leaders aren’t as effective as expected
  • The current company culture is counterproductive
  • Multi-cultural teams underperform

    Cultural misunderstandings interfere with collaboration

  • You want to increase innovation and agility
  • Expat assignments are planned or redirected
  • There are major changes in the company structure
  • You want a powerful competitive advantage
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Leverage the Power of Culture for Your Business

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Mind Your Culture has partnered with many national and international organizations and institutions including: