Treat people the way
they want to be treated.

Intercultural Services

The platinum rule of intercultural relationships is about really getting that the way we want to be treated isn’t always the best guide for how to treat others.

After all, what’s polite and normal in one culture may be rude and inappropriate in another.

Mind Your Culture works with organizations experiencing culture-based friction. We help you bridge gaps in understanding, create environments of trust and collaboration, establish better customer relationships, and achieve stronger results.

Intercultural Training

Ideal for leadership as well as multi-cultural teams. Our customized Intercultural Training workshops focus on increasing cultural awareness and building greater understanding and collaboration. Participants engage in exercises designed to build awareness and connection. And they’ll learn skills strategies they can implement immediately to increase effectiveness and productivity.

90% of leading executives from 68 countries believe cross-cultural teams are a top management challenge.

Diverse and inclusive corporations are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors.
— McKinsey

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Programs

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a critical skill for anyone who works internationally or manages multi-cultural teams. You can’t know everything about every culture, but with a high CQ, you have greater capacity to assess and adapt to new situations We approach CQ development from a Mind, Heart, and Feet perspective: what you know, how you connect, and the actions you take. By expanding your abilities in each of these areas, you’ll develop the skills needed to be effective working with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Expat Support Services

Sending professionals from other countries to work in the United States is a considerable investment for any organization. Our Expat Support Services are designed to help you protect that investment. We work with individuals, groups, and families to help them transition to living in a culture that’s different from their own. Our expat support is customized to address your people and your organization’s specific needs and to help ensure success for your expats in their new roles.

Expatriate failure is one of the costliest elements of expat management with a failure rate of 10 – 50%”

Each of these services is offered in full- and half-day workshops for groups and individuals. The topics can be tailored to meet your specific areas of interest, timeframe, and budget. Follow-up training, coaching, and accountability programs are also available to support you in integrating new ideas and actions into everyday culture.

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