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#1 thing employers want most from their managers is to be coached.
– Gallup research

Corporate Culture

Mind Your Culture partners with Integrity Solutions to offer programs that take your people well beyond concepts and into practical application.

Our unique methodology and concrete processes have been proved to generate the kind of long-term changes in mindset and behavior that align with your company’s culture and advances your business objectives.

All of the programs below kick off with a one day workshop followed by several weeks of learning by doing that incorporate accountability, coaching, and peer support that allow trial and error to mature into natural, consistent habits.

Integrity Coaching®

The Modern Manager as Coach

Traditional management skills developed to drive productivity in the industrial age weren’t meant for today’s knowledge based workforce. We must shift away from thinking of managers as mistake catchers or problem solvers. To be great leaders today, managers need to adopt more of a coaching mindset, recognizing talent, instilling confidence, and giving team members ownership in their success. In a strong coaching culture people feel supported and are more willing to take risks needed to innovate and step up to higher levels of performance.

Integrity Service®

Exceptional Customer-focused Culture

Every business knows the importance of delivering a positive customer experience. But what happens if we apply that same level of consideration to internal audiences? Integrity Service® is designed for people at all levels of your organization. In it, we’ll explore the perceptions and behaviors prevalent in your organization when employees work together, have to coordinate across teams on projects, or respond to requests from other departments. In reality, the way your people treat each other informs the way customers will experience your company. So if you want to build a more customer-focused culture, the place to start is within.

Integrity Communication™

Exceptional Communication & Collaboration

Growing responsibilities, increasing time constraints, and competing priorities can erode the quality of communication and collaboration in any business. Integrity Communication™ is for people at every level and role. In it, we will address factors within your organization that impact the ways people share and receive information. Our goal is to improve communications across the organization, strengthen partnerships, improve productivity, build trust, and empower individuals to resolve their problems themselves.

Mind Your Culture
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